currently listening (05/20)

Eight by IU (feat and prod SUGA) I’ve been anticipating listening to this song a week before it was released, so that’s a couple of days where I tried imagining what it would be like. Most of Lee Jieun’s songs that I know (and these are words of someone who knows next to nothing aboutContinue reading “currently listening (05/20)”

productivity tips for studying – from a master of procrastination such as myself

For the whole month of April, online classes in my school were suspended. I think it was because there weren’t enough guidelines given on how to proceed, and the professors were each doing their own thing and the whole process of learning and grading were pretty vague. For me, it was a whole month of,Continue reading “productivity tips for studying – from a master of procrastination such as myself”

life updates + bujo with me

life updates needless to say, staying at home with not a lot to do means cleaning the house a lot which was what we did for like the entire first week of the lockdown. nothing major, but mostly simple stuff we sometimes miss doing when there’s school and so much other things to do: moppingContinue reading “life updates + bujo with me”


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